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High-Deductible, HSA-compatible health plans offer consumers an affordable alternative to high-priced co pay plans. And once covered by an HSA, most people are happy with their coverage and few choose to return to a more traditional plan design.

Unfortunately, many people are scared to move to co pay-free plan because they don’t understand how they work and aren’t sure whether the premium savings would be enough to offset the additional risk they would be assuming. In short, they need to be educated. Many agents, however, are reluctant to recommend HSA plans to their clients – either because they feel that it is a more difficult sale or, more likely, because they themselves don’t truly understand Health Savings Accounts.

Historically, most continuing education courses have explained the rules and regulations surrounding HSAs but haven’t really told agents how to translate this information into language their clients can understand. That’s exactly what this course does. Attendees will learn not just what an HSA is, but how to determine whether it’s a good option for their individual and group clients. And most importantly, they will learn how to explain HSAs so that clients will understand how they work, why they should consider one, and how to get the most from their plan. This course focuses not just on the what, but also the how and why, using pictures, stories, and examples to clearly and simply explain what many consider to be a difficult concept.

Matt Mason joined the HealthEquity in 2015 and is currently the Regional Sales Director for the Central Region covering KS, NE, IA, and MO. Matt oversees new business for health savings accounts (HSAs) and other consumer-directed health (CDH) products.

With 12 years of industry-related experience working with insurance brokers, financial consultants, employer groups and employees, he helps to implement employee benefit accounts with a deep knowledge of consumer-directed healthcare.

Prior to joining HealthEquity, Matt worked with various third-party administrators supplying a variety of compliance services, payroll products and tax-advantaged medical accounts.

Matt is a former insurance broker and graduate of the University of Kansas residing in Lawrence, KS with his wife and two children.

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