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In today’s fast-paced, online world, we often have great intentions to create and foster a coaching environment within our organization.

However, management tasks and leadership responsibilities get the better part of our time and coaching is gradually pushed to the side. Creating the environment for coaching to thrive doesn’t have to take vast amounts of time or energy. It’s a matter of understanding the differences between managing, leading and coaching. Creating a plan and making small steps on a regular basis. The benefits of higher employee engagement, lower turnover and increased results from coaching have been proven over many different studies.

As we stand on the edge of the greatest workforce change in over 50 years (Baby Boom to Millennial), learning to implement coaching in your business has never been more important. Change will be an ever-present force within our career. Speed of business, mergers, acquisitions and consolidation will happen at an increasing pace. Combined with a new generational view of career path, personal development and a portable retirement plan (401), you can easily predict higher employee turnover. At an estimated $24,000 replacement cost per Millennial employee, we need to figure out how to train, retain and coach our teams.

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During this session, you will Learn:

– The difference between managing, leading and coaching

– The 8 Step Method for Coaching

– Why Coaching is critical now

– Why it is so important to the Millennial Generation

Speaker Bio:

Greg Martinelli

Greg Martinelli

Greg is the founder of Ag Sales Professionals, St. Louis-based coaching & training firm with the mission to develop strong winning teams & winning culture throughout the whole organization. The focus is growing the business through better-developed sales teams in a winning culture.

With 30 years of experience in management, leadership and coaching, he brings a great understanding of business culture, creating coaching environments and leading teams.