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Rich Grawer

Rich Grawer, Infinite Educational Strategies

Rich Grawer of Infinite Educational Strategies will lead a discussion on the ins and outs of social security.
Grawer has spent over 50 years in some form of education: teaching, coaching and administration, as well as 11 years working in the financial services industry. His specialty is social security, social security disability, SSI, Medicare and Medicaid.
IES is a nonprofit organization focused on teaching financial strategies to help people to discover what dollars are flowing out of their control and how to get more dollars flowing into their control.
His presentation will cover:
  • Examples of full retirement age
  • How benefits are calculated
  • How your social security benefits can be reduced or increased
  • What if you do not pay into social security
  • What are social security benefits
  • Social security spousal benefits
  • Secondary benefits
  • Taxation of social security benefits
  • Social security and Medicare
  • Medicare mistakes
  • Changes coming to Medicare
  • And much, much more!
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