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Dan Meylan

Dan Meylan

Creative Concepts to Restore Affordability

CEs applied for in Missouri and Illinois

SLAHU is pleased to present Daniel R. Meylan, National Sales Director for Allied National, for the May 10 breakfast meeting at The Lodge of Des Peres. 

Affordability is becoming the driving issue for small employers as they seek solutions to keep viable health plans for employees and their families. There are 12 distinct issues that are driving the rising cost of healthcare.

These issues are making small group health insurance plans unaffordable. Radical solutions to the affordability problem — that slash health care costs, improve access and quality of health care — are available.

However, they do not exist in the framework of the traditional insurance marketplace. This course introduces several cutting-edge concepts that restore affordability and give the small employer active control of those health care costs into the future.

We will also address the new role of the “health care adviser.” Agents and brokers will need to expand the scope of their capabilities and offerings if they intend to build and maintain their client base over the next five years.

Basic Topic Outline:

  • Changing marketplace perspectives and expectations
  • Current health care cost drivers – the root of affordability
  • Healthcare or health insurance?
  • Solution 1 – Level-Funded Small Group Health Plans – Real-time health care financing
  • Solution 2 – Reference-Based Pricing – A no network world
  • Solution 3 – Direct Primary Care – Restoring primary care physicians as the gatekeepers to the health care system
  • Solution 4 – Limited Benefit Contracts – Ignoring compliance to restore affordability
  • Changing role of the “Health Care Adviser”
  • The small group market in five years – Exciting or scary?

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