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You’re Up Next! Join SLAHU Today.

My friends know that I am a big hockey fan — I played and coached. I continue to follow the Blues closely.

It’s been an up-and-down year so far for the Blues just like it has been for SLAHU because of the COVID pandemic.

Some folks have exited our business or scaled back significantly. This has cost us members!

In hockey, you hear the coach say, “next man up” to fill in for injured players and “it is an opportunity for young players to show what they can do.”

It is similar for SLAHU. The SLAHU Board would like to ask you to join. There is strength in numbers for legislative advocacy and organizational affairs. We need to increase ours.

I’ve attached a flyer that shows the value of SLAHU/NAHU membership.

If this doesn’t convince you, please call one of our officers and we would be happy to explain the value.

You can be the next person to step up by joining today. Just contact me at (314) 603-6629.

Rick Schooley
President, SLAHU

P.S. Please use the attached membership application today. Thanks!