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John Barada III

John Barada III

Join SLAHU Wednesday, November 6, for a presentation on how to plan and pay for your kids’ college education by John Barada III, the President and Managing Member of College Planning Consultants, LLC.
As a long-time financial industry veteran (46 years), Barada has worked in sales, agency, regional, and home office management positions. Over the last 10 years, he found himself working more and more frequently with families that were facing two challenges: sending their children to college and planning for retirement. Many parents are concerned that funding their children’s college will impact their future retirement date.
Amber King

Amber King

As a Certified College Planning Consultant and a Financial Advisor, Barada and his team guide parents and students through FAFSA, college profiles, and admissions requirements. All of which take into consideration his extensive knowledge of finances, investments and insurance accounts and how to properly use them.

Aid availability differs by institution, financial need, and student qualifications. Combing through each college and finding this information can be extremely taxing on the family. Barada has attained several tools to allow each family the ability to sort through the most prudent information quickly.

Barada has a family of his own and has already struggled through many of the issues this generation is facing. He worked through the college consortium with his two sons, thus giving him personal knowledge of the frustration and questions that occur. He is continuing this mission by working with his own grandchildren.

CPC, LLC, is Barada’s way of taking that frustration away from others and ensuring that our next generation doesn’t have to worry about missing out because of finances. From attending their No. 1 college choice to the parents still affording a decent and well-subsidized retirement. His firm works toward making it all possible.

Also during this meeting, Amber King with Guardian Life will discuss how Guardian coverage can help pay for college with a tuition benefit through SAGE College Tuition Benefit.

Please note, this meeting is on a Wednesday morning. Registration opens at 7:30. Hot breakfast is included. CE is approved for Illinois. No CE is available for Missouri. The November meeting is sponsored by Inifisource.

Presentation Agenda
  • Introduction
  • When Should We Start Planning
    • Timing of the Project
  • What to Be Aware Of
    • Statistics
    • Princeton Review Info
    • What Colleges Consider
    • GPA – Does it Matter
  • How To Address These Issues 
    • Effective Mindset
    • Provide Protect, Preserve
    • Focus On…
  • Paying For College – How the System is Set Up 
    • Expected Family Contribution
    • Cost of Attendance
    • YHEM – Your Hard Earned Money
    • OPM –  Other Peoples Money
  • Case Study 1 & 2 
    • Financials
    • EFC Calculations
    • Sticker Price – Don’t Be Fooled
  • Enrollment Management & Solutions 
    • Facetious Comment
    • Leverage Financial Aid
    • Drew College Example
    • Review 5 points on Solution Page
  • Closing Comments & Questions